While most of our teachers are native English speakers, we understand that some teachers are dual (or tri-) mother-tongue speakers. With this background, we can assess your accent and culture ability during the interview.
We ask that you are available for, at least, 18 hours per week. If you are available for more hours, Le Waijiao is happy to accommodate.
Once you send us your resume, one of our recruiters will review your information and contact you if you passed the initial screening. You will be contacted by a Le Waijiao coordinator to set up your interview time. The interview is conducted via Skype video and is about 1 hour. During your interview, you will be asked to do a 5 minutes demo lesson.
  • Resume screening
  • Interview with demo lesson (1 hour )
  • On-board Training Course(5 hours). Training hours are paid.
  • Connection test (1 - 2 hours)
  • Professional Training Course (9 hours) Training hours are paid.
  • You're Hired - Congratulations! You are a Professional Le Waijiao Teacher.


Le Waijiao has two training courses. On-board training focuses on introduction to the company, including the company's culture, mission, etc, as well as skills on how to best deliver an online class, while Professional Training Courses focus on more teaching skills and handy tips.
Every week we conduct On-Board Training/Connection Test and Professional Training Courses. The On-Board training and Connection Test is 3 hours per day for 2 days in a row. You can choose which consecutive two days are better for you. If you pass the On-board Training, you can continue to the Professional Training Course. The PTC is 3 hours per day for 3 consecutive days in a row.
Your hourly paid is determined by four things: 1) University education level, 2) CELTA/TESOL certifications, 3) Work history, 4) Your performance during the interview, demo lessons, and trainings. After you complete the hiring process and successfully pass, you will be given an offer with your determined hourly rate, which is between 13$-30$.

On the job

Yes. Once your available hours are set and you are online, you are paid whether or not the student shows up for your lesson.
Yes. Le Waijiao asks for at least 18 hours availability per week for our students in China. The available teaching hours will range from the morning to the evening depending on your availability and time zone. We understand that teachers are located all over the world and can consider your time zone when scheduling your availability.
Yes. Teacher meetings are twice per month for a monthly total of 4 hours. These meetings are paid.
During your On-Board Training Course, we will have a Connection Test. The connection should not be over wi-fi and have, at least, 2mbps.
All the classes are small group classes, usually 4 students in a group.